Binge-watch the entire series of Breaking Bad, Well, here are the 5 ways to deal with ‘Breaking Bad’ Withdrawal!


Breaking Bad, one of the best shows in the history of television shows. The last finale episode was a bittersweet moment for all of us out there. Not to mention, all ‘Breaking Bad’ episodes are not available on Netflix. So, what’s a greater gift than that, folks? But tread lightly, as binging can turn into a craving, leading you to watch the entire series within weeks.

So, what do you now when you’re done with the entire series? You just realise the whole show is over. You fill up your void. Walter White is dead, and Jesse Pinkman is free. You start to question your existence and ask, “Where do we go from here”?  For this reason, here are 5 ways to deal with your ‘Breaking Bad’ Withdrawal symptoms.


  1. Commentaries, interview, tributes, reviews and reaction videos on Youtube

Let’s get to the first part; if you’re shocked just like the rest of the world when you watched the finale episode on Netflix, you’re not alone! With this in mind, Youtube search ‘reaction videos on Breaking Bad’! There are wide varieties of reaction videos, reacting to different episodes and seasons, sharing your concerns. They understand and completely get what you’re feeling right now. Watch to your heart’s content.


However, this won’t help you deal your withdrawal symptoms quickly. There are more! If watching the reaction videos didn’t help you out, there are many commentaries and interviews on Youtube for you to watch. Just search them accordingly to what seasons you want to watch. There are also tributes for this show.


Although this may be true, you’re angry that the show has ended and also, in fact, you binge-watch the entire series in weeks. But don’t fret. Here’s to the next methods that will help you face your anger.


  1. Get gifts!

There are many e-commerce companies, like E-Bay and Amazon, sell ‘Breaking Bad’ merchandises. With this intention, use this method to calm your anger. Reminisce the show while looking at the merchandises. It will help you go easy on your withdrawal symptoms.


  1. Cook up a batch of blue ‘meth’ candy

Let’s be real, this is a candy and not a drug. So subsidise your anger while you bake a batch of blue ‘meth’ candy. It’s easy. Here’s the tutorial video:


  1. Better Caul Saul

‘Better Caul Saul’ is a spin-off prequel of Breaking Bad; follow the story of, Walter White’s lawyer, Saul Goodman. This show takes place 6 years before the ‘Breaking Bad’ timeline. It’s currently, available on Netflix too. So, go there and start watching it. You won’t regret it! On the positive side, this show will help you reminisce about ‘Breaking Bad’.


  1. Fox sitcom ‘Malcom in the Middle.’

This sitcom follows a family of 6 and focuses on the main character, Frankie Muniz, as a young genius who’s just normal like everyone else. Above all, the title of the sitcom is explanatory itself. Be that as it may, here comes the interesting part, Bryan Craston who portrays Walter White in ‘Breaking Bad’ is also, in this show as Frankie Muniz’s Father (Hal). His character in this show may seem different compared to Walter White portrayal but in assurances, Hal is one the greatest, comical character in the TV history. You will regret watching this show and in other words, you will love Hal as much as you loved Walter White.