10 Things Which Will Make You Love Tyrion Lannister More Than Ever


Peter Dinklage is best known for his role of Tyrion Lannister in the globally renowned TV series Game of Thrones. He has won Emmy and Golden Globe Award for supporting actor in 2011 and has subsequently been nominated in the consecutive years.
Here are some of the facts about Peter Dinklage you should know:

1. Peter Dinklage is pure vegetarian in real life- 

Tyrion Lannister may eat meat, but Peter Dinklage will never. Peter is an animal rights activist and he says that he will never harm any chicken, cow or a cat for his needs.  But, Tyrion Lannister eats meat in Game of Thrones. How does that work out? All the meat Tyrion eats is not actually meat. It is tofu that he consumes.
2. Peter Dinklage is the only American on the show- 

The British show Game of Thrones has British actors as its main cast. But, Peter Dinklage is the only American in the main cast.
3. Peter Dinklage had passion for acting from a very young age- 

He may have become famous by his role in the Thomas McCathy directed comedy-drama film The Station Agent in 2003, but he started his acting career way back in 1995, debuting in the role of Tito in the movie Living in Oblivion.
4. He is a great writer too- 

Apart from being an exceptionally talented actor, Peter Dinklage is a good writer. Peter has been writing a fantasy script. The script highlights the last days of an actor called “Herve Villechaize”. The script is named “My Dinner with Herve”.
5. George R.R. Martin always wanted Peter to play the role of Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones- 

If you watch Game of Thrones, you know that Tyrion Lannister is a very important character. When George Martin was approached by the directors of Game of Thrones, they all had only Peter Dinklage in their mind to play Tyrion Lannister. That’s why they never took any audition for Tyrion. Peter was offered the role without going through any audition unlike other characters which required auditions. Maybe that’s the reason why Tyrion Lannister has been on the show for so long. He has survived six seasons so far and we all are looking forward for the seventh season of Game of Thrones.
6. Peter Dinklage was born with Achondroplasia-
Achondroplasia is one of the most common causes of dwarfism. Peter’s height is 4’5” (1.35 meters). Despite being physically different, he never let his height come between his passion for acting. Normal people cannot fight their disabilities and get defeated by them, but legends make their disabilities into their powers and fight with it. This is what differentiates legends from normal people. Peter Dinklage is a legend indeed.
7. He starred in the same movie twice- 

Many people don’t know that, but it is true. Peter Dinklage starred in the British film “Death at a funeral”, and then played the same character in the American remake.
8. Peter Dinklage was the one who suggested the name of Lena Headey for the role of Cersei-

Peter and Lena were friends long before Game of Thrones happened. In fact, he was the one who suggested Lena’s name for the role of Cersei. Well, Peter is a good friend indeed.
9. The scar on Peter’s face is real- 

Tyrion Lannister has a distinguishing face mark. He has a scar on his face. People may not believe it, but the scar is real. One night, long before Game of Thrones, Peter with his group was playing the legendary CBGB, Dinklage got kneed in the temple by an enthusiastic fan. As a result, he got a gnarly scar on his face that starts at his eyebrow and runs down his face.Well, that scar worked out really well for Peter.
10. Even as a struggling actor, Peter refused to take part as a character which made fun of his height-
Peter has made it his point that he will turn down the roles which make fun of his dwarfism. He says that he has turned down “a lot” of roles.
So, these were some of the facts about Peter Dinklage which every die-hard Game of Thrones fan should know and appreciate.
“The laws of Gods and Men”
-Tyrion Lannister at his trial falsely accused of killing his nephew King Joffrey.


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