Game of Thrones: Season 7 shooting begins in Northern Ireland


GOT Shooting Location in Belfast

Season 7 of Game of Thrones, as each and every fan already knows probably, is a pivotal one. Winter has arrived. Khaleesi, with her large army and numerous allies, is finally on her way to Westeros. Cersei rules the Iron Throne, having burned almost all of her foes. Jon Snow is the new King of the North, but he is soon going to have the White Walkers invasion to cope with.

The production of this season will be intricate. That being said, HBO has announced the season premiere will be in summer 2017. This is later than the regular spring debut of every season till now. The season will only have seven episodes and the next season in 2018, is going to be the last. This means season 7 is going to take a huge step forward.


The next season has finally started production. It usually begins in July, but it was delayed until August this year because of poor weather conditions. Reports say production formally started on the 29th of August 2016 in Northern Ireland’s production hub.


The show is also going to be shot in a number of locations in Spain this time. The start of production coincided with an announcement earlier about Jim Broadbent, the veteran British actor, joining the show as a pivotal character. His role hasn’t been disclosed yet. They still haven’t cast the rest of the new characters.

GOT Shooting Location in Spain

Is the next season of Game of Thrones going to be worth the extended wait? Expectations are very high of course as we are finally going to get to see things like the long awaited quest of Daenerys Targaryen to conquer Westeros. Fans of the show were waiting for years for this moment. Book readers have waited even longer. The producers have taken quite a risk by choosing to reduce the number of episodes while coming closer to the end. It is also going to be extremely important that they get everything absolutely right.


While we are waiting for the show to return, fans are going to have to satisfy themselves with leaks from the set while trying to figure out just what they have planned next. If we’re lucky, we might just get a new book to read before the next season begins.

Season 7 of Game of Thrones will premiere on HBO in the summer of 2017 on an undetermined date.