Jim Broadbent’s Entry In Game of Thrones Season 7



Academy award winner and great artist who played the renowned fiction roles like Horace Slughorn in Harry Potter and Professor Kirke in Narnia The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe is ready to feature in the much awaited 7th season of HBO’s top-rated series Game Of Thrones.

Broadbent has some serious acting skills and is the leading actor in the industry with over 140 flicks and counting not only he is a renowned actor but also has won more than 25 awards and have been nominated on several occasions. The work for the actor may not be a strange one as he has previously proved himself in fiction based action thrillers and has done his job profoundly.


Now the question arises what role he is going to play in the uncharted land of Westeros, Ethos and Sothoryos . Although HBO declined to reveal the role of Broadbent in Season 7, but the fans have already predicted a lot of characters to be related with the series and Broadbent’s former records for the 7th Season.

Here are few characters we may watch as Broadbent in this Season.

The early predictions were he is going to be the Archmaster of the citadel where sam started his training in the 6th season. Archmasters are the senior order members and have right to sit on the conclave. Broadbent fits in because of his age.


The other theory stated that he will be playing Lord Howard Reed the father of Meera and Jojen as he was the only survivor in the battle of House Stark and Kings Guard , However his age doesn’t  fit well for Howard’s role.

The third prediction was HBO’s surprise with a completely new character in the face of Broadbent. The fans are assured of the prior performances by Broadbent and do believe his role is going to put a great impact on the 7th season.


The season is the penultimate season and the cast being the best of all the previous seasons. The season is said to have 7 episodes unlike its predecessors which had 10 episodes in each season. The shooting has already been started in Northern Ireland, parts of Scotland and the studio. Let’s hope for the best and wait for the start of this penultimate season.