The Walking Dead Season 7 Latest News And Premiere Dates


The countdown has begun for the premiere of the seventh season of the Walking dead on the 23rd of October 2016. The show is going to return to AMC at the 9 pm time slot. This is also going to be followed with a new Talking Dead episode which is now going to be live.

Greg Nicotero already confirmed fans were going to find out who died as soon as the premiere aired which is great news for viewers who were feeling ripped off because of the cliffhanger after the finale of season 6. This is great news since we won’t need to wait at all before finding out who Negan decided to bash in with his bat. Unlike the suspense with the death of Glenn in the first half of the last season, fans are going to get an answer to the biggest question right now by the time the premiere finishes. Now that’s a relief.

One other thing which we are already aware of about the seventh season is that we are going to be introduced to King Ezekiel, the Kingdom’s ruler. The Kingdom is a survivor community which is living on the outside and inside of a school. This is most probably where Carol was taken by the time the last season ended. The Kingdom is quite cool, and his pet tiger is certainly going to steal every scene it’s in.

The trailer for the seventh season has shown that we’re finally going to learn what’s up with Tara. She disappeared around the middle of the sixth season way before Denise; her girlfriend was killed. We haven’t heard anything from her at all since she left. But, the trailer shows her hiding somewhere in the woods and even shows her using a gun to smash in someone’s face. But who? That’s the million dollar question.