Euron Greyjoy, since he first appeared in Episode 2 of Season 6, has been a negative character, mysterious in his own ways. He is already a “Kingslayer” since he killed the self proclaimed King Balon Greyjoy. As of the current situation, he is up against his nephew Theon Greyjoy and niece Yara Greyjoy who have sided with Daenerys Targaryen.

A recent video posted by YouTuber Alt Shift X tries to explain that there is a connection between the Faceless Men and Euron Greyjoy and mentions that Euron is planning something big and sinister.

The YouTuber first talks about the Faceless Men’s bonding with Ned Stark’s younger daughter Arya, trying to explain how Jaqen appears to be the generic identity of a Faceless Man, because if we remember properly, Jaqen’s face, or the face which appears to be Jaqen’s is seen multiple times on multiple people in the show. In the fourth “A Song of Ice and Fire” book, i.e “A Feast for Crows”, there is a character known as “The Alchemist”, the description of whose appearance, particularly the face, is identical to the face of the man Jaqen turned into after taking off his mask in the season 2 finale (Valar Morghulis). This character is introduced in Oldtown, where the Citadel is located, which made some believe that the real Jaqen is now at the Citadel.

In the show, Euron Greyjoy is the one who pushes Balon Greyjoy off the bridge. But, in the books, even though Euron is the one who is responsible for Balon’s death, he is not the one who executes it. It is mentioned in the books that Balon Greyjoy is pushed off the bridge by a person without a face, which naturally made fans believe that Euron hired a faceless assassin to do the job.

There is information about Euron from a chapter of the upcoming The Winds of Winter titled “The Forsaken” which was recently released. It is written from Aeron “Damphair” Greyjoy’s (Euron’s brother) point of view. The sample describes the Crow’s Eye’s (Euron Greyjoy) evil nature and his grand plan of making a horrific sacrifice to the Gods.

Of course we must remember that the show has, in many cases, deviated from the books so the showrunners can give Euron a different storyline or ignore all of this together


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