May be due to the fact that you don’t find every other guy having a pet tiger or have same level of hatred that he has for Negan and Saviors.

He also posses many qualities in him which anyone would expect from a king such as eccentric , affable confident , cool head but many people also find him arrogant as he present himself as “King to his people” for a community called kingdom. His community “Kingdom “is not like other communities but is thriving as people are living there peacefully from many years.

Why there always tiger by his side?

According to Ezekiel he once saved tiger “Shiva” from fatal injury, from that day onwards, Shiva is always with him. Having Shiva by his side has always helped him and the individuals who followed him envisioned their own particular fantastical stories of his legend and he was not going to stop them.

What’s his ionic weapon?

Walking dead is known for giving signature weapons to his character. With king Ezekiel it’s his sceptre which has a bird-shaped topper and secret sword concealed inside him which he uses at the time of need.

What can you expect from him?

It means remaining survivors have got a new community to ally against Negan and Saviours. With what Negan just pulled off in the debut, Rick will require all the help he can get


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